Why work with us?

5 ways we can reduce/optimize your internal audit costs

Not all internal auditors are created equal.

As opposed to many auditors from the Big Four, at PRA we don’t see internal audit as a career phase. For us, it’s a vocation. And it shows.

Our clients come to us for a unique mix of expertise and experience that helps them reduce or optimize their audit costs. Here’s how we can help you:

  1. Reduce your total audit cost
  2. Make smarter decisions based on “out-of-the-silo thinking”
  3. Take advantage of our global audit experience
  4. Facilitate decision-making with our concise, persuasive reports
  5. Benefit from consulting with a well-rounded business professional

1) Reduce your total audit cost

Due to the credentials and experience of our Chief Consultant, Zoltan Csonka, MBA, CFA, CPA, CMA, CCA, CIA, we can assess risk from multiple perspectives in any audit.

This expertise not only offers you great hiring flexibility, it saves you money. In fact, to get the equivalent expertise elsewhere, you’d have to pay for:

  • a costly team of specialists
  • the learning curve of each team member coming up to speed on
    the challenge
  • the time it takes to integrate their independent findings

With PRA, one expert can deliver a big-picture risk assessment without the Big-Four cost.

2) Make smarter decisions based on “out-of-the-silo” thinking

Risk doesn’t exist in silos. And yet the great majority of internal auditors inevitably works with the silo vision of a single expertise.

Because of our Chief Consultant’s expertise in multiple sectors of activity, PRA can often reveal unsuspected or inaccurately assessed areas of risk. For example:

Our Chief Consultant has both the credentials and seasoned experience to perform the following audits:

  • Financial and operational
  • Capital projects
  • Investment
  • IT

When searching for root causes, he understands how different business systems may be contributing to findings, and how these findings may have ramifications in connected areas of business activity.

It’s this kind of out-of-the-silo thinking that makes our audit report a more realistic and sounder foundation for your decisions.

3) Take advantage of our global audit experience

Having audited in 12 different countries and more than ten states in the USA, our Chief Consultant offers you a problem-solving ability that’s sharply honed by thousands of situations resolved in myriad environments.

What’s more, the depth and breadth of this experience drives his scoping of audit areas. As a result, his audit designs produce more telling findings, more quickly—saving you time and money.

4) Facilitate decision-making with our concise, persuasive reports

The greatest audit in the world may go unnoticed if its report is unreadable.

Our concise, persuasive reports are designed to be readable and actionable. And they’re written to proactively address potential queries from auditee management. How?

Again, our experience counts.

As data are collected, our Chief Consultant evaluates them to assure that the findings will be meaningful and credible when presented in the final report. Should the findings fall short of these criteria, the inquiry is modified until the findings fulfill the criteria.

The resulting report provides meaningful, actionable input for your business review.

5) Benefit from consulting with a well-rounded business professional.

Auditing is a team effort.

To get the most out of the audit process, you want to make sure you’re working with a business professional who can engage productively and smoothly with any member of your team, from senior executives to floor personnel.

That takes a well-rounded, knowledgeable, confident business professional. And that’s why we call ourselves Professional Risk Auditors.


To find out more about how we can help you reduce or optimize the cost of your internal audit, call us at (1) 514-458-0678, or e-mail us your request by clicking here.